Thursday, 31 May 2012

May 2012

 This is Rays wife writing....
Its a hard life being the wife of a Vietnam Veteran.
I thought because I had professional experience in Mental Health that I would be prepared for life with Ray, I was not!
Working in Mental Health and getting time off is different to being with a Vet, 24/7.   Ray is a good man. He is kind, however, he is still a damaged soul.
Ray spends most of the day, and much of the night on the computer. Sometimes I think he will fall off the computer chair and onto the floor. As he sits there staring at the screen totally oblivious of anything else. 
That includes me.
I call him to come and eat... No answer.
I have to say, Ray please comb your hair.

He has lost a lost of weight. 
He chews tobacco and drinks a beer rather than eat.
He lives pretty much in a world of his own. 

I had thought I was the only woman/wife with much to say about the hurt of being a veterans wife.
Then searching the net, I found out I am one of many.
In fact, many of us deserve a medal, yet we go unrecognized from saving the government thousands of dollars.
How you may say?? 
Well our care-giving saves much.
We love them, we care for them and we defend them...