Thursday, 31 May 2012

May 2012

 This is Rays wife writing....
Its a hard life being the wife of a Vietnam Veteran.
I thought because I had professional experience in Mental Health that I would be prepared for life with Ray, I was not!
Working in Mental Health and getting time off is different to being with a Vet, 24/7.   Ray is a good man. He is kind, however, he is still a damaged soul.
Ray spends most of the day, and much of the night on the computer. Sometimes I think he will fall off the computer chair and onto the floor. As he sits there staring at the screen totally oblivious of anything else. 
That includes me.
I call him to come and eat... No answer.
I have to say, Ray please comb your hair.

He has lost a lost of weight. 
He chews tobacco and drinks a beer rather than eat.
He lives pretty much in a world of his own. 

I had thought I was the only woman/wife with much to say about the hurt of being a veterans wife.
Then searching the net, I found out I am one of many.
In fact, many of us deserve a medal, yet we go unrecognized from saving the government thousands of dollars.
How you may say?? 
Well our care-giving saves much.
We love them, we care for them and we defend them...


  1. I thank God that some vets have wonderful family members like you. I pray you get some of the love and appreciation I know you need being a caregiver myself. Hugs. xx

  2. Hello Penny, God Bless your kindness. xx

  3. Hey hon,
    I hear you. It is a very hard job and I know God will reward you for giving of yourself to take care of Ray. I know you have a wonderful support group in your family and I hope and pray that your church support group can meet your needs as well.

    Praying for you sister,

    1. I totally believe, I am where God wants me to be. Our Heaven Father, makes no mistakes.

  4. You and yours are always in my prayers to some degree, Crystal, sometimes more than others. May God bless you richly, dear lady!

    1. You will never know, how much I appreciate my blogger friends.

  5. You both are in my prayers, I think of you alot..I live with a Vietnam Veteran that doen't want to talk about it at all..I can totally relate to that but he shuts it all out..Yes we do save the goverment money everyday..I will pray evan more for you both and May God Bless..

  6. Dearest Susie, I should have know your hubby is a Vet. You have a servant heart.You are in my prayers also. Much love to you x

  7. Dear Ray & Crystal,
    Just the other day, Hub-bee & i met a group of Vet's from Oz who were on a Motorcycle ride through our desert. i had never thought about vietnam Vets from other countries before...
    but ...when i was a child my Sisters boyfriend Gus, who had been a Green Beret, had a was a tramatic experience for us all & our hearts were broken for him. Gus disapeared shortly after this but i have never forgotten him and pray for him and all the others who went through such Hell.
    i am deeply sorry that our country is so neglectfull..
    i want you to know that you are prayed for and loved by us.
    God Bless You & Thank You for letting us know and care for telling us your story.
    With Love from Above,
    Bill & kare*

  8. Hello Kare and Bill, It is hard to share and talk about this.Yet I believe unless we do, we can't help others in the same position to know they are not alone. I pray Gus has come to know the Lord and is close to him. There are many sad stories and they all need to be told, it helps with closer.


I am very interested to hear your comments, both in regards to the Veitnam War and to the V.A.'s handling of veteran's compensation. Thank you.