Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Thank You to V.A. Department.

Ray has finally received his pension for his P.T.S.D.

Yes it was a long wait and very trying to our health...

Both of us.

So we are glad its now all over.

Thank you V.A. for your recognition of Raymond's illness.

Raymond rarely drives a vehicle now and if he does its only in the town where we live.

I manage his doctors and psychiatrist visits as well as making sure he takes his meds.

I believe the Veteran wives deserve a medal.

This recent photo taken November, 2014 at our church.


  1. I'm glad they finally came through for him. Like disability for the rest of us, the government hopes that if they drag their feet long enough, the applicant will either die or give up.

  2. I agree. I thank God as a nurse I precured his medical notes prior leaving the USA. I wasn't thinking about evidence for his condition, I just wanted him to recieve continual care.


I am very interested to hear your comments, both in regards to the Veitnam War and to the V.A.'s handling of veteran's compensation. Thank you.