Friday, 13 September 2013

STILL: The Waiting Game: and V.A. RUNAROUND (written by Ray's Wife)

RAYMOND is an ex U.S. Marine who served his country in the Vietnam War.
He didn't request to do this, he had no say, and still doesn't.
I AM HIS VOICE..... as the continence of this, renders him deeper into depression. 

Since I last wrote, Ray is now on a C-Pap at night to assist with his sleep apnea.
Last week he suffered from stomach ache and on assessment at the local hospital Emergency Room was transported by ambulance to another hospital for an emergency Gall Bladder surgery.
Due to the fact that I am available to tend for him at home, he was released the next day into my care.

He is doing well and feeling so much better without the pain.
Thank God for our church who supported him on their Prayer Chain.
Many have phoned to inquire after his health and one wonderful lady cooked a meal and brought is around.

YET, the struggle with the V.A. for his PTSD recognition continues.
Ray's Congressman in TN,  who was supporting him with his case, informed us that it had all been approved!
Oh...We were so relieved.. This is Great!....

THEN, we are told, "NO!!  We still haven't received your Progress Notes from the psychiatrist you see in Australia..."


This psychiatrist has sent those notes twice,  over the last couple of years!
Together with a small bill to the V.A.for doing so. He has never been paid.
The last time we sent these notes ourselves as well, and by return receipt REGISTERED MAIL!
We have the receipt, so we know the notes, were indeed received!!

I get the idea, that whoever receives these papers, consider them a JOKE...
Because, they get conveniently lost each time.
And again we are told, the same old story.... "SEND YOUR PSYCHIATRISTS NOTES FOR REVIEW, we need them"......

Has anyone else out there been given this run around by the V.A.??
If so, please tell us your story.

This photo shows Ray (back left) and I with my long time medical colleagues.
We all smile....Ray just looks. 


  1. So sad Crystal and my prayers are with you and your husband. So many veterans go through this and are overlooked. It saddens my heart to think of what they go through and what they've experienced and our government will not do anything about it. My husband is a Vietnam veteran too and he doesn't even want to talk about it. I pray for all of them each day. Blessings to you and your husband.

  2. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - and the Trauma...
    By Rays Wife :

  3. Ray finally has his compensation. I cannot locg into this page???? Otherwise I would write and advise this appropriately.


I am very interested to hear your comments, both in regards to the Veitnam War and to the V.A.'s handling of veteran's compensation. Thank you.